Household of God in Singapore

God helps me! – Heidy

There was once I wanted to try the slide in the playground, but I had to walk through a rope obstacle course that was very high up to reach the slide. I was super scared because it was too high up, and the ground below looked so far away from me. so I said to […]

God can be experienced – Wing

I used to be afraid of having quiet moments before God as I was not sure if He would talk to me. However, when I train myself to stay focused and put my faith in God, I enjoy praying and talking to God more. I can talk to Him about anything – about my daily […]

God cares for me – Joon Yu

Four months ago, I had a very fierce English teacher. She is always angry and keeps scolding the class for no reason. I am afraid of her and I really dislike attending her classes. Through the Sunday meetings, I learnt that God is my best friend who cares for me and I can trust that […]

God listened to my prayers – Vivian

Before I became a Christian, I experienced God answering my prayers. In 1990 during my 3 months’ vacation in the UK with a Christian friend, I stayed with a group of Christians and from them I knew that I can pray or ask Jesus for help anytime and anywhere I want. I also witnessed how […]