Household of God in Singapore

Campus & Young Adults Group

We are a group of bright and energetic students and young working adults with aspirations. We desire to deeply experience God, be close to Him, and walk out the Biblical truths in our daily lives.

We gain motivation from God’s love to improve in our whole-person development, from spiritual lives, physical health, mental well-being and even in academics. We are of good courage and faith to face different challenges with the Lord and brothers and sisters!

Tiberias Group

Tiberias is a group of brothers who are in their teenage years and just started working. We love God and wish to be faithful to God and to the needs of this generation.

Bethany Group

Bethany Group is a group of sisters from Secondary school to University. We are excited to represent the glorious next generation for the church.

Jordan Group

Jordan Group is a group of working professionals. We pursue God, walk out the truth and live out God’s family. We help to shepherd and care for brothers and sisters in Children & Youth ministry. The love of God binds us together and motivates us to share this love to all!

How We Experience God