Household of God in Singapore


I give thanks to God that I could finally join the Philippines Camp in July 2023, after being inspired by a brother who had great improvements after joining the camp in 2016.

Before I joined the camp, I found it difficult to talk to other brothers and sisters as I feel that they might not understand the challenges that I faced. In that camp, I set a goal to take the initiative to talk to different brothers and sisters that I have never met before. I felt close to them and could show my care by buying snacks for them. I also learnt to have a disciplined lifestyle to plan and manage my daily schedule.

In one of the meetings at the camp, a brother shared how he previously quit playing video games for God as he felt the games took time away from him wanting to take up more ministry for God. He was so determined that he even broke his game controller into two. After the meeting, I was determined to do the same as I also saw how my addiction to mobile games affected my relationship with God. I felt it was God’s calling for me to leave behind the past and follow Him with my whole heart. I also wanted to have breakthroughs in both my spirit and ministry after the camp. I immediately uninstalled all the games on my phone and have since quitted all mobile games. Now I realised there are other things beyond mobile games that can make me happy in my life – I feel happier and more productive in my daily life and my relationship with God has also improved since then.