Household of God in Singapore

Making the Impossible Possible – Myron

There was once I was heading home with my wife when I realised there was something wrong with my car – the accelerator was unresponsive. I parked the car and hoped a restart might resolve the issue. However, the accelerator remained inactive. Both my wife and I were worried about the situation as it was […]

Because of the Lord, I see light – Jason Wong

I give thanks to God that my family and I could attend church meetings in August 2022, where we heard about God for the first time. Since then, we joined church meetings every Sunday to know God even more. Two months later, I started to pray to God with the brothers’ guidance. It was difficult […]

I treasure that we can walk out the truths in the Bible – Jonathan

In one of my missionary trips, I gained a deeper understanding of how our Church follows the Bible’s teachings. For example, our Bread Breaking Meeting uses one bread and one cup according to the Bible, symbolizing the unity of the Church. It is a physical reminder that brothers and sisters should be of one heart […]

God gives me perfect rest – Angeline

As a working mother, most of my time is devoted to my family and work and I seldom have time for myself. As a result, I often feel stressed and troubled. However, I treasure that I am a Christian and I can find relief in God. I try my best to attend a short 30 […]

I am a New Creation! – Barry

Before I believed in God and knew that He is with me, I trusted only myself and faced life’s struggles alone. I was under great pressure and stress as there was no one to support me. My lifestyle was so bad that there were times where I binge-watched Korean dramas and drank alcohol overnight when […]

God knows my heart and led me to draw close to Him – Myron

In April 2022, I was told by my company to return to the office for work for four days a week (I was previously only required to return to the office once a week). It was challenging for me as I have to travel for an hour via the MRT to my office almost everyday. […]

The love in God’s family melts my heart – Florence

I felt very sick when I was infected by COVID-19 and I experienced the love and care from brothers and sisters. When I was in quarantine, I felt grateful and supported because of the gifts, messages of care and concern, and prayers from brothers and sisters. My sisters in Christ are working mothers who have […]

Morning worships are the manna of my spirit – Yoong Pyng

I give thanks for the daily online morning worships. Joining these morning worships is like having a spiritual morning breakfast with brothers and sisters and God. While my heart is enjoying the hymns that express the affection of God, I can also taste the fruits of brothers and sisters’ worship which refresh my spirit and […]

God is my Closest Friend – Candra

In the past when I joined worship, I felt that I needed to be careful in how I pray to God and that I need to pray without any mistakes for God is so great. This mindset hindered me from voicing out during worship and it became a burden to me as brothers and sisters […]

I found the meaning of my life – Hui Yan

In the past I had no idea about God and lived for myself. Although I had a good job and a few friends, deep in my heart I felt lonely, inferior and depressed. I even thought of ending my life. Meeting the Christians from OMCF was my life’s turning point. Through them I know God […]