Household of God in Singapore


In one of my missionary trips, I gained a deeper understanding of how our Church follows the Bible’s teachings. For example, our Bread Breaking Meeting uses one bread and one cup according to the Bible, symbolizing the unity of the Church. It is a physical reminder that brothers and sisters should be of one heart and mind.

Moreover, I know God’s true image more – He is always smiling at me, welcoming me, longing for and missing me. He longs to see my face and hear my voice (Song of Solomon 2:14). As I learn how to behold Him like this when I draw near to Him, I can experience His presence even more. I also know that He desires my love, my heart and my time more than other things such as my money, skills and knowledge. That is why it is so important for me to draw near to Him daily.

I treasure that when we know how to walk out the truths according to the Bible, we can influence those around us to do the same and experience God’s presence and blessings even more. The Lord truly delights in our heart and willingness to follow the Bible.