Household of God in Singapore

The Lord is Coming Soon! – Estelle

Recently, due to the many events happening around the world, I have been reminded that the Lord is coming soon. As I read the book “The Endtime Tribulation” and listened to Sunday messages, I am able to understand the timeline of the 7-year tribulation better. Every time I read the book, I am reminded of […]

I know the essence of life – Ethan Leow

I grew up in a family that did not believe in God. When I was younger, I questioned the purpose of my existence and the meaning of life: “are we born in this world just to work, suffer and inevitably die?”. Questions like this affected me for a long time. 5 years ago, I followed […]

I can change for God! – Job

I give thanks to God that I could finally join the Philippines Camp in July 2023, after being inspired by a brother who had great improvements after joining the camp in 2016. Before I joined the camp, I found it difficult to talk to other brothers and sisters as I feel that they might not […]

I can make the decision to turn to God – Yue Yi

“My soul thirsts for God, for the living God. When shall I come and appear before God?” – Psalm 42:2 I used to think that the onus is only on God to satisfy my needs, given that He is God, not me. I also used to think that evidence of His presence, especially in situations […]

Why I followed God and why you should too! – Jia Xi

I grew up knowing God as I followed my dad to attend church meetings. Despite hearing about God from a young age, I did not fully believe or rely on Him, so I sinned a lot in the past. For example, I lied a lot and had various bad reactions when I got angry. I […]

The Lord is always protecting me – James

There was a time when I was driving to work when my car’s ABS (Anti-lock Braking Systems) indicator suddenly lit up. As it was the first time the indicator lit up, I searched it up on Google to find out what it meant. The search result indicated that there is an issue with the car’s […]

I found my true value in God – Elyssa

In the past, I often compared myself with my peers, asking the Lord why I am not as good as the others around me. The comparison with others got worse when I go on social media, where people flaunt their achievements, wealth, and luxurious lifestyles. Consuming these contents everyday affected my emotions and how I […]

Vietnam mission trip – helping myself, helping others – Daniel

I give thanks to God for my first mission trip to Vietnam. During the trip, although every day was packed with activities, I enjoyed being involved in every single one of them. I treasure the unity and closeness of brothers and sisters as one family. We did many things together, for example, we shared, worshipped, […]

The Lord listens to my prayers – Frida

There was a period of time where it was raining almost every morning. However, there was once where I had to wear my formal school uniform and I did not want to be drenched in rain. I kept praying to the Lord that the rain would stop or at least be less heavy and He […]

I am strengthened by God – Aaron

Due to National Service (NS), I am unable to attend most of the church meetings. However, I still draw near to God by myself everyday and each time I experience gaining strength from Him. Although I face challenges and tiredness from the NS training everyday and there were many times when I felt like giving […]