Household of God in Singapore


There was once I was heading home with my wife when I realised there was something wrong with my car – the accelerator was unresponsive. I parked the car and hoped a restart might resolve the issue. However, the accelerator remained inactive. Both my wife and I were worried about the situation as it was our first time experiencing that issue. I prayed to God for guidance on how to handle the situation. Afterwards, my wife tried to restart the engine but the accelerator was still unresponsive. I made one more attempt to start the engine, and amazingly, the accelerator responded! I then immediately drove the car to the nearest workshop for inspection. After the inspection, the workshop technician told me that the car could not be driven for a while and needed to be repaired. The technician asked me how I managed to drive the car to the workshop as the workshop also could not get the accelerator to respond. At that moment, I was unable to explain it logically, yet deep within, I knew it was the Lord’s work, making the impossible possible.