Household of God in Singapore

Hui Yan

In the past I had no idea about God and lived for myself. Although I had a good job and a few friends, deep in my heart I felt lonely, inferior and depressed. I even thought of ending my life. Meeting the Christians from OMCF was my life’s turning point. Through them I know God and His goodness. They love God a lot and also love me a lot.

One sister travelled a long distance every week to shared with me about God just after she recovered from a serious illness. She shared that God is real using many evidences in Nature. I was convinced and I believed in God. After that, my life changed. I experienced the true happiness and became more positive and cheerful. My brother said he’d never seen me so happy before. I also love family more and tried my best to express my love. Without God’s love and grace, my changes would have been impossible. Dear friend, hope you can also believe in God and experience abundant life.