Household of God in Singapore


I give thanks to God that my family and I could attend church meetings in August 2022, where we heard about God for the first time. Since then, we joined church meetings every Sunday to know God even more. Two months later, I started to pray to God with the brothers’ guidance. It was difficult to pray when I first started because I did not get any responses from God. However, as I prayed more, I began to feel peace in my heart and I felt that He was listening to my prayers.

In December, I believed in the Lord Jesus. I prayed even more for myself, my family and things that happen around me. After I prayed more, I feel that my relationship with my family has improved despite not doing anything different from the usual. For example, in the past, my son and I became angry easily and we argued over minor things. Now, we are calmer and we learned how to communicate better. The Lord is a Shepherd who seeks for His lost sheep – He guides me to walk on the correct path. He bore my sins and did so much to save me from my wrong ways. Because of the Lord I see light and a way out of my circumstances.

I also give thanks to the brothers and sisters for their love and prayers. The church is truly filled with love. I’m glad to see how much my family and I have improved because of the Lord. May the Lord continue to guide and teach us to be even better!