Household of God in Singapore


In April 2022, I was told by my company to return to the office for work for four days a week (I was previously only required to return to the office once a week). It was challenging for me as I have to travel for an hour via the MRT to my office almost everyday.

In the past, I usually spent my time on the MRT scrolling through my phone or looking around at other commuters even though I knew that I should turn to the Lord and spend the time drawing near to Him. However, I did not have the strength to concentrate and focus on Him consistently.

However, I experienced how God guided me to make good use of my one hour traveling time through the meetings I attend and the encouragement from the brothers. Witnessing how one of the new believers is consistent in reading the Bible encouraged me to do so as well. It is my goal this year to read the Bible consistently and understand God’s words more. In May, I started to read the Bible when I am on my way to work on the MRT. My MRT ride has become my daily, stable ‘draw near to God’ time. The time I spent drawing near to the Lord while traveling is so abundant and enjoyable that I find one hour to be too short!

I am thankful that the Lord has guided me to use my time more wisely and meaningfully. I feel contented and the Lord is satisfied when I have fellowship with Him on the MRT. When I read the Bible more, I know the Lord more; I understand that He is not just my Savior, but He desires me to be with Him forever.