Household of God in Singapore


I felt very sick when I was infected by COVID-19 and I experienced the love and care from brothers and sisters. When I was in quarantine, I felt grateful and supported because of the gifts, messages of care and concern, and prayers from brothers and sisters. My sisters in Christ are working mothers who have busy schedules, yet, they showed their love and care for me through sending me food and herbal tea. I really treasure the time and effort they sacrificed for my sake.

Of all the love expressions I have received, I recall an incident vividly. It was raining very heavily that afternoon and many places were flooded. Despite the bad weather, a sister, whose leg was injured, came to my house in her clutches to pass me some medicine. She was smiling, even though her whole body was drenched by the rain, and she was holding on to the medicine with one arm while leaning on the crutches using the other arm. My heart was very touched by her love and care for me. The true love in God’s family melts my heart and made me realise my value even more.